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Chapter events, live chat, and discussion groups. The latest local / regional craft industry news and events, information, and more.

Updates on the Craft Trends insider craft industry trends, events, news, and views in YOUR area !

If you are interested in becoming a a group leader for your area, please e-mail

Professional Crafters Group Leaders

California:Carol Gunkel Professional"The Craft Business Information Network" | E-mail
Colorado:Bev Haring Esmereldas | E-mail
Nebraska,S.Dakota,N.Dakota:Deborah Spence GlassyLady Stained Glass | E-mail
New York:Tonya Lockhart BBoop's World | E-mail
New Jersey,Connecticut:Jeanne Baratta Kitchen Elf | E-mail
New England
Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma:Bev Squibb B&C Crafts E-mail
Pennsylvania:Diane Marie Kellogg Oil Creek Originals | E-mail
Texas:Carla Clifton Pineywoods Country Store | E-mail
Salem,Oregon:Aileen Dru DesignsByDru | E-mail
Kentucky:Betty Hancock E-mail
Tennessee:Marsha Sears E-mail
Virginia,N.Carolina:Barbara Shoebrooks E-mail
Indiana :Traci Hayner Vanover Marketplace Gallery | E-mail

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