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Fads and Trends - the latest styles, the hot new looks ... All are important to craft production, just as they are to fashion.

What is the difference between a fad and a trend ?


A fad is fleeting -Here today and gone tomorrow. It might be a new color - HOT pink for example ... or a garden bug ... or woodland critter.

I doubt that many people would want to decorate their entire home in hot pink, or even live with it for the long term. But as fun touches to update the home or for gift giving, fads are an important addition.


A trend has staying power -Think Shabby Chic decor ... sunflowers ... picket garden signs ... Some trends start out as fads, then move on to become trends or even classics.

Can we imagine a time when sunflowers weren't a staple of home decor ? Who would have thought that mismatched china and vintage furnishings would evolve into a style all it's own? Fads and trends become integrated into our lives very quickly, and our sales quotas will reflect this if we incorporate these items into our lines.

Artisans need to be aware at all times of what is happening in the home decor and gift industries. If we are unable to attend trade shows, a quick and easy way to keep up with the latest news is to go to our local craft stores and take a look at the newest pattern books and packets. Go to the malls and check out the department stores. Really examine what is on the shelves and in the sales circulars . In this way we can take advantage of the trend research that has already been done by professional buyers.

Find out what's new, and then continue monitoring to see what has staying power, and what is on the way out. It is important to keep checking, because the trends and even the classics may eventually evolve and change over time - For example : Look at how country decor has "cleaned up it's act" ... It's lighter, has less clutter, with more of a contemporary edge. Fads and trends are part of what keeps crafts fun and interesting -And our customers coming back for more!


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