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Turquoise. One of the must-have colors for spring 2005.

Turquoise/aqua blues, vibrant green, pinks, yellows with a hint of green, red-orange, dark blue, khaki, cantaloupe/coral, lavender, and slate gray.

In the fall 2005 collections, shades of brown are hot. "Brown truly is the season's new black," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, a company that analyzes and predicts color trends. "Deep teal blue is running a close second," she says.

Brown and blue - is the trendiest combination.Other key shades are olive green, russet, wine and antique gold. Deep sapphire or "Moroccan blue", olive green and a "dirty yellow" that looks like gold.

"Women understand that brown is a luxury color, the color of furs, of chocolate -- and luxury is on the rebound," says Eiseman. "There's an interesting dichotomy to brown," says Eiseman. "It has a sophisticated elegance, but it also has an earthy appeal. It's a warm, nurturing color."

Blue is America's favorite color. "The turquoise of last spring has evolved into teal," she says. But there's an even deeper blue -- the blue associated with tropical water, the blue that promises escape and relaxation. It almost has a Zen calling."

The biggest trend is to be found in the rich shades for the new fall fashion season

Blues, from sapphire to teal will vie for attention alongside rich reds - from wine to scarlet, and greens -moss to deep olive. Brown has solidified its status as the new black: chocolate to reddish-brown shades like glazed ginger. And shades combining these tones, such as plum and burnt orange, also will be popular.

"The hot colors seem to be deep purples and reds and a kind of rust color," said Kate Betts, editor in chief of Time Style & Design.

"With the tones we're seeing now, I like to compare them to the colors you see all around you when you walk in the forest," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Forest green with chocolate, purple with chocolate and deep red with black.

Metallics, especially gold

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