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So many crafts, so little time... New products and techniques, new computer software, new ideas, new publications - The list of new things to try in the craft world is practically endless. And with each new innovation comes new creations that you would like to add to your line. If you aren't careful, at some point your booth could begin to look like a garage sale.

**I'm Ready For My Close-up Mr. DeMille**

There is a fine line between interesting/attractive, and messy/overloaded. You only have a few seconds to attract your customer's attention to your booth, you must then create enough interest to hold them there and make the sale.

1. If your booth is messy your customers won't see the individual items you are offering, all they will see is the overall clutter.

2. Have items neatly arranged and spaced.

3. No dust, no damage.

4. Replace folded or torn price tags.

5. If possible, add lighting.

**Can A Variety Of Items Star In One Booth?**

An eclectic mix of items can be either an interesting, fun shopping experience - Or can resemble a flea market. The key is in the design ...

Separation by style : Cottage on this shelf, Victorian on that shelf, Primitive on another shelf.

Color coded : All rose colored items placed together, all blue items placed together, etc.

Like items together : All frames together, all sachets together, all crocheted scarves together ...

Categorize : Holidays, seasons, botanicals, all grouped by category - You could group your items by theme, color, style, scent, whatever appeals to you.

Vignettes: Highlight how your crafts might be incorporated into the home.

Now let's try mixing it up a little more ... What if you grouped your apple items together with your teacher gift items - Generally regarded as a natural progression.

And how about if you blended bumblebee themed items with ladybug items, and maybe even sunflowers.The colors of the sunflowers and bumblebees blend, and the "bug theme" ties it together. Red combined with yellow has impact, serving almost as a stop sign.

Just as you would in your home, create visual interest and harmonious flow. You don't want your booth to be boring, but rather a blend of crafty creativity and traffic -stopping interest.

**Take A Bow**

You designed, created, and set the stage ... Time to come out from behind the scenes. If your booth is in a craft mall you won't be there often, so your customers will not know anything about you unless you tell them. A framed sign with your bio will personalize your booth and allow your customers to get to know you and your art. Don't forget to provide business cards, a show schedule, custom ordering info, and a guest book for your customers to sign so that you can form a mailing list.

Even in a very small space it is possible to "set the stage" for an interesting and interactive shopping "production".


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